Here at Notes we take our coffee seriously.  Part of the speciality coffee tradition, we combine the finest beans, the latest technology and the most important ingredient, our  highly-trained baristas, to produce a special coffee experience, each and every time you visit us. 

In August 2013 we opened our very own roastery - you can read more on that over on the blog and have beans shipped to you from the webshop. Having our own roasting facility allows us to source fresh harvests from across the world, and deliver beans that have just been roasted to our shops to ensure the freshest fullest flavour in your coffee. 

The roasts are lighter than you might find elsewhere, allowing more delicate flavours to come through; and we make sure the milk is never burnt, so the sweetness remains in the cup.

As well as our espresso-based coffee menu, at Notes we have a dedicated brew bar for our rotating menu of filter coffees.  Every morning we take our time to ‘dial in’ each coffee –  adjusting the grinder settings and coffee:water ratios in search of the best possible flavour. Throughout the day we execute precision brewing based on the morning’s results.

We source our loose leaf teas from Lalani & Co, who import from a select range of gardens in India, China and Japan.  As the seasons change so do our teas – look out for the latest menu in store.