Notes coffee - but not at Notes!

Can't make it to one of our stores or barrows? You can now drink coffee from the Notes Roastery at a select few independent coffee houses outside the Notes family...

These are people we trust to be as obsessive as we are about the coffee they serve. Their attention to detail is unrivalled and their passion for high quality coffee is matched only by their dedication to customer service.

How do we know all this? Well, we trained most of them....

Craft Coffee, 68 Sclater Street E1 6HR & on Saturdays at Maltby Street Market, SE1 3PA 

Jamie & Emily have done a fantastic job at their new shop - go check them out just by Shoreditch High St train station. They have the amazing new EK43 grinder which allows them to serve 4 different coffees every day! Yes FOUR! They will be offering Notes Espresso and one of our filter coffees every day, while featuring others alongside.

Jamie was one of Notes' longest serving members of staff, propping up the brew bar at Notes Trafalgar Square for over two years. We wish them both the best of luck with their latest project.

Leyas, 20 Camden High St NW11 0JH

When Will announced he was leaving us back in August it was a sad day for staff and customers alike at Notes Covent Garden. But Will is now serving coffee with his country-gentlemen charm at Leyas in Camden. And to spice up the weekends he has been featuring some of our filter coffees. With his training and their reverse-osmosis water filtration system they have been tasting rather delicious.

Kuppa Coffee, 11 St Mary's Place Newcastle, NE1 7PG

Thomas Davies got in touch after trying our coffee in Borough Market. He flatered with compliments and dazzled with coffee geekery. Kuppa are in good hands with him in charge - go see what all the fuss is about. 

Your house!

That's right the webshop is nearly up and running... We are aiming to go live on 22nd November. Salivate while watching this space.


We have cut our coffee prices

Now this doesn't happen very often... Prices always go up don't they?

Not at Notes! 

Now that we have started roasting our own coffee we are really pleased to be able to pass on the saving to you, our coffee-loving customers.

As of this morning at Notes Covent Garden and Notes Trafalgar Square we have cut all our coffee prices by 20p, and filter coffees have been reduced from £3.50 to £3, or just £2.80 to take away.

 Notes Coffee Prices - reduced from September 9th onwards

Notes Coffee Prices - reduced from September 9th onwards

At the Coffee Barrows prices remain the same as they were already lower - with a cappuccino at £2.40 for a small or £2.60 for a large.

Roasting Coffee on our Loring mothership! Picture diary

As you may have seen from the coffee now gracing our hoppers - the Notes Roastery is well and truly up and running. This is how we do it...

Two and half years later, our first blog post...

Hello and welcome to the first Notes blog post!

We've been a bit busy these past two-and-a-half years but that's no excuse for not keeping you up to speed with our exciting goings on. There's only so much you can say in 140 characters so while twitter will still be the best place to keep informed of menus, offers and events at your nearest Notes, the meta stuff will be shared here. 

So, by way of introduction, welcome to our new website. It represents an evolution not a revolution - the content and structure is similar but we are on a much better platform which allows us to blog, go mobile and ship beans. 

Ship beans you say?

That's right, our long-awaited roastery in Kings Cross is almost up and running. We've been planning it for well over a year, and now that our Loring Smart Roaster  has arrived the preparations are beginning on earnest. 

The builders have finished pulling down walls and installing our mobile cupping station. Fabio has been visiting speciality coffee importers around Europe to create our first house espresso and filter coffees. As different parts of the world harvest at different times, and due to shipping times, as a roaster we now have to plan our coffee consumption 4 months ahead of time. So you may not know what you'll be drinking come October, but Fabio does!

Coffee, or Tea, on ice

In other news our Summer Drinks menu has been going down a storm @NotesTrafSq and @NotesCoventGdn. Fun fact - while we discourage sugar in your coffee for our standard menu, for a latte on ice a bit of home made sugar syrup is nothing to be ashamed of. Why? Because the temperature drop takes the sweetness out of the milk, so you may need a little something.

We'll aim to post something here twice per month so drop back in to find out what we are up to. It won't be 2016 before our next post - that's a promise.